Healing the Healer- Program

You Are Ready to Step Into Your Greatness, Start Your Divine Assignment! Create the Extraordinary Life That Is Your Birthright!

Healing the Healers is THE Ultimate Spiritual Mentoring Program:

Hey love,

 You have been struggling with an aspect of your life or many aspects of your life

and would like to have ThGood Witch personally help you,
then you need to sign up for this program right away.

This program is only open to the first 30 registrants at a time.

It is a 90-Day Program of Individualized Personal Spiritual Mentoring from ThGood Witch.

The mission and the purpose of this 90-day spiritual mentoring program is for ThGood Witch to personally walk each participant through a three-month exploration of the 17 magical aspects of life. Focusing on your purpose and your desires for your ideal life.  

Mastering Abundance  •   Mastering Happiness   •   Mastering Manifestation

Participants will receive weekly calls, moon rituals, ancestor veneration, teaching, coaching sessions, reading materials, and videos all based on their specific needs. Weekly Group Sessions with Meditations and Mimosas (your mimosa is optional;) Group where we go over the Laws of Abundance and Manifestation. Hosted by with ThGood Witch, and guest starring some of your favorite spiritualists and authors.  Three Personal one-on-one visits with The Good Witch at monthly events to talk about the challenge and the promise each participant is experiencing, and to work with ThGood Witch on how to most effectively apply the teaching and guidance to your every day life and to the lives of your loved ones.

For many moons, ThGood Witch has wanted to share her knowledge and expertise with individuals that have been called to be healers for their families, communities, companies, and friends but just are not equipped because of their own resolvable issues. 

Some things are not made to be discussed in large groups. ThGood Witch will assist any person who is interested in having the life experience that she has had: an experience of direct, sacred, and very personal connection and communication with the Divine. Learning to walk in alignment with The ALL, and be in perfect vibration with the universe to create the life that they truly desire. Being able to witness a complete transformation of her client’s day-to-day life filled with;  magical encounters, quick resolution of challenges, permanent healing of past traumas, removal of future fears of disappointment, and curing debilitating emotional pain. Seeing their life being dramatically improved and watching them go out and empower others to do the same thing. 

The Healing the Healers Spiritual Mentoring Program is to stop all those negative experiences. Life is intended to be: an expression of true Self-Realization from a place of deep inner peace and harmony!  Giving you a richer understanding of life’s process and purpose and walking you through putting that knowledge into action is the entire goal of this program.

Included in this Personally individualized program:

  • One personal, one-on-one, consultation with ThGood Witch each week, in which you can discuss your progress in the program and issues affecting your daily life.  That’s 12 total hours spent with ThGood Witch
  • Complete with assignments, experiments, and processes that will both ground you and activate the power that is in you!

   *Long Distance and/or International Calling Rates may apply.  For International calling options, CLICK HERE.

 Congratulations on this empowering decision to get the Magcal life you Deserve

Now, let’s embark on this journey together, clearing any blockages that may stand in your way. During our first call, we’ll:

– Create a personalized coaching schedule that works for you.
– Discover your heartfelt goals and visions.
– Implement spiritual practices that uplift and empower.
– Establish accountability to fuel your progress.
– Map out tangible steps towards your best life.

You’ve made the right choice, and I’m thrilled to talk to you soon!

Together, we will redefine abundance, painting a vivid picture of the prosperous life you truly desire. Embrace your unique path, free from societal norms, and focus on small wins that will lead to marvelous victories!

Let’s get divinely clear on what you want, bypassing the ideals imposed on you. It’s time to love yourself enough to distance from those who don’t reciprocate your love and find joy in the embrace of inspiring souls.

Healing from past traumas, releasing fear, and connecting with your ancestors and loving spirit energies will set your soul free.

No more choosing between family and success – you can have it all and so much more! Move forward with certainty and conviction, proclaiming your abundance to the world! You are unstoppable, and the universe knows you’re here to shine!

Welcome home, my beloved, to a life of love, abundance, and profound purpose. I am here for you, cheering you on every step of the way!

With love,

ThGood Witch

for more information feel free to contact thgoodwitch@gmail.com

Still not sure if this is where you belong!

I have a few questions for you.

Have you ever given someone your last of something not knowing if you would ever have any more?

Have you ever had this thought ” I have gone through so much so that I could help someone else get through it” or anything similar to that?

Have you ever over-extended yourself helping others so badly that you felt like you were going to have an anxiety attack?

Have you ever Promised someone that you would do something for them without first thinking of whether you could safely do it without negatively affecting your life?

Have you ever been sad that you couldn’t help someone; not feel sorry for yourself but genuinely saddened by the fact that you could help someone any further?

Have you ever helped someone that hurt you? And Would you do it again?

Keep in mind these people can be anyone; strangers, patients, clients, children ( yes yours), parents, spouses, siblings, family, friends, associates, staff members, and co-workers. bosses, pastors, organzations, enimies

  • If You answered Yes  2 times or more  You are Definitely a Healer who has not been healing yourself properly. 
  • You are a powerful creator who has not yet dedicated yourself to the manifestation of your own healing.
  • You definitely need and want to continue to heal and heal others.
  • You have ignored the fact that You have to be taken care of in order to help others in a lasting effective way!
  • You need to maintain or complete your healing process and become your very own first love.

We love our purpose and our mission!

When it seems like broken people are drawn to you! Over time you have begun to feel less vibrant and be slightly jaded. You are suffering from burnout or spiritual exhaustion. The life you live takes energy and you must recharge.

Energy never runs out but you can run out of useful, loving, powerful, beautiful, healing energy by not allowing space for your own healing!

This program is designed to aid in your continued healing by providing a monthly self-care call with ThGood Witch!

Consistent Content that will walk you through Mastering The Art of Happiness!

Getting the Mentorship through Mastering the 17 Aspects of Life with us your Accountability partner!

ThGood Witch will Be guiding you Gracefully Healing Through Shadow Work!

Giving you the tools you need to not only Heal but to Grow and Prosper, and Enjoy your Most Happy and Abundant existence and lifestyle! 

You Were not designed to be stressed and depressed! Healers are destined to be Happy! Abundant!  Most of all Free so that we can work on our purpose!