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Meet Sheena Marie the remarkable ThGood Witch!

ThGood Witch, also known affectionately as Sheena among her loved ones, is a beacon of wisdom, knowledge, and transformation. Her journey has led her to become one of today’s most sought-after Life Transformation Coaches. She is not only a renowned Spiritual Healer but also a distinguished Public Figure, Published Author, and CEO. Through her global platforms, she has touched the lives of countless individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Under her guidance and mentorship, her clients not only achieve but redefine and surpass their personal, financial, and spiritual goals. She is unwaveringly committed to aiding her clients and their families in healing from generational traumas while discovering their untapped potential.

Sheena Marie made a conscious decision to transition from a highly successful career in healthcare and healthcare administration to focus on helping people address the root causes of their deep-seated issues. Through a unique blend of Shadow Work, Spiritual guidance, and scientific methodologies embedded in her mentoring programs, Sheena Marie has empowered her clients to transform their lives. She helps them turn their dreams into tangible reality, guiding them through spiritual and practical means, enabling them to create a life beyond their wildest imagination.

Freedom, stability, love, abundance, happiness, courage, wealth, and good health—these are just some of the 16 facets of life that Sheena Marie imparts to her clients, teaching them the mastery of these aspects. She is lovingly referred to as ThGood Witch because her skills and gifts have been passed down through her ancestral lineage. She possesses a profound knowledge of what individuals truly need to achieve the happiness and security they yearn for.

Sheena Marie’s mentorship programs have consistently achieved success in helping people realize they can have it all. You can be a wonderful person who is not only happy, healthy, and emotionally and spiritually grounded but also financially prosperous. You can attain freedom and live the life of your dreams while positively impacting others. You can prioritize self-love without neglecting your responsibilities. Whether your life feels chaotic or harmonious, it’s the perfect starting point for transformation. Sheena Marie has developed a methodology that guides people toward their most abundant selves.

She has facilitated healing within individuals and their families, resulting in many of her clients establishing wildly successful businesses with incomes ranging from six to nine figures while still leading fulfilling lives.

With multiple thriving businesses of her own and a deep commitment to two nonprofit organizations close to her heart, Sheena leverages her gifts and experiences to assist people on their journey to mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, sexual, physical, and energetic well-being. Once you’ve established your foundation, she’ll lead you toward exponential abundance. It’s never too late or too early to embark on this transformative journey with Sheena Marie. Your abundant future awaits! 🌟

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For The few Who are Ready

Are you in this state
  • You know your purpose just don’t know how to reach it. 
  • You Just Can’t seem To get it off the Ground
  • You are struggling with Spiritual Issues that are keeping you from Finacial Freedom.
  • You Need a Business Advisor to create a Program specifically for you, and your Individual Truth
  • Your Spirituality is and shall remain placed in a Higher Priority than any Dollar amount
  • You Desire insurmountable Wealth by betraying your Highest Self!
If This is You We Can Do That Together!


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