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Meet ThGood Witch

ThGood Witch’s wisdom, knowledge, teachings and experiences have made her one of the most sought after Life Transformation Coaches of today. She is also a renowned Spiritual Healer, Public Figure, Published Author, and CEO. Her global platforms have reached multitudes of people from all walks of life. Her clients not only reach but redefine and surpass their personal, financial and spiritual goals under her guidance and mentorship. She is committed to helping her clients and their families heal from generational traumas and discover their untapped potential.

ThGood Witch, known lovingly by her family and friends as Sheena, is committed to serving others through proven methods that aid in healing themselves as they continue to be effective healers and heal others. She  has retired from a very successful career in healthcare and healthcare administration in order to help people heal from the source of their own deep rooted issues. Through Shadow Work and Spiritual guidance merged with scientific methods used in her mentoring programs, Sheena has been able to help her clients transform their lives. Dreams are made reality by guiding her clients using spiritual and pragmatic means and enabling them to create a life better than the one they ever imagined possible.

Freedom, stability, love, abundance, happiness, courage,  wealth and good health are all part of the 16 aspects of life that Sheena teaches her clients to master. Sheena is known as ThGood Witch because she has a particular set of skill  and gifts that have been passed down to her from her ancestors and travels heavily in her lineage. Knowing the secret of what people truly need to do to have the happiness and safety that they so greatly desire.

Her mentorship programs have been consistently successful at helping people realize they can have it all! You can be a wonderful person who is happy, healthy, emotionally and spiritually sound as you make a lot of money. You can obtain your freedom and live the life of your dreams while you are healing others. You can be selfish and pour love into yourself without neglecting everything around you to do so. If your life is in shambles it still a great place to start! It’s never too late and it’s never too early. Sheena has devised a methodology of walking people into the most abundant versions of themselves. 

She has helped people heal themselves and their families. Many of her clients now own wildly successful businesses with upward of six to nine figure incomes while they are yet living their lives! 

Having multiple successful businesses of her own and 2 non profit organizations that are very close to her heart, Sheena uses her gifts and her experiences to help people navigate through their own journey to mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, sexual, physical, and energetic health.  From that point, you will have your base and she will guide you past health right into exponential abundance.

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Upcoming Events

A Healing Voyage to USHA Village

Spiritual Cleansing Retreat (Houston)


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For The few Who are Ready

Are you in this state
  • You know your purpose just don’t know how to reach it. 
  • You Just Can’t seem To get it off the Ground
  • You are struggling with Spiritual Issues that are keeping you from Finacial Freedom.
  • You Need a Business Advisor to create a Program specifically for you, and your Individual Truth
  • Your Spirituality is and shall remain placed in a Higher Priority than any Dollar amount
  • You Desire insurmountable Wealth by betraying your Highest Self!
If This is You We Can Do That Together!


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