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Why You Need a Reading

The reasons people get Spiritual Readings are to get answers and find clarity, without judgment or condemnation.
Reading from ThGood Witch are necessary to give you a deeper understanding of your career, love life, personal relationships, family life, financial decisions, spiritual /energetic blockages and everything in between. Tarot readings, Ruins, Bones, Tea leaves, Spirit Boards, added too her gift of Sight and Mediumship will be used to bring light to places in your life that are impeding your prosperity, where you are beholden to fear or unsure of your potential, places where enlightenment and satisfaction are waiting to be discovered, where purpose and happiness can be uncovered and given freedom.
This experience will be enlightening and filled with love, positive intentions, and blunt honesty to improve your life and avoid some serious trials and point you in the direction of your most powerful and abundant path. 
Speaking to ancestors and hearing from entities that are near you are not uncommon experiences as ThGood Witch is a Medium with an exceptional gift for tapping into other realms, nothing is forced or faked. Respect the spiritual realm but do not fear it. 

Get Insights about your path, Clarity on your vision and Healing from your past. It is not hard to find answers. A few small changes can lead you to the Magical life that is waiting for you.

For all time, people have turned to Spiritual readings in many forms and fashions as a guidebook to self and universal understanding.  Today you need to schedule a session with ThGood Witch a trained, ordained, and authentic  Spiritualist & Certified Life Coach  (amungst other things).  This will help you decode your path to your happiest  Most Abundant existence with the timeless method of enlightenment

What I Do

On a rainy, humid morning as I began to set up for the start of a new day, I felt an energy approaching in an abundance of sadness. As I turned to face my patron, the young woman emanating the overwhelming energy entered my shop and collapsed before she could speak. The woman was engulfed in heartache and grief, and I knew she needed my help. 

I rushed to her side and took her hand in mine and began to experience the recent events leading her to my path. 

This young woman had experienced such loss and tragedy… she had lost everything dear to her and betrayal was present in her soul.

She had experienced the gift of life having given birth to a beautiful child, which had been taken from her as a result of horrible accident shortly after the child’s birth. Her husband whom she loved deeply and needed in this time of loss had betrayed his vow and turned from her for another. Her health continued to fail resulting in loss of employment and inability to financially support herself. Her home was in foreclosure, her family had neglected her and she was forced to defend herself legally. The darkness that had descended upon her brought forth repressed traumas long stored away in hope to be handled in another time.

I felt for her deeply.

She struggled with vengeance in her heart and had nearly succumbed to the need to wrong those who had wronged her. She was losing her faith and was unable to find her way. She only knew that she needed to Survive.

I held her hand and helped her to her feet. As I waited for her to regain her composure, she began to explain herself.

With tears streaming down her lovely face her words Stammered she said “I Thought You Were a powerful Witch! I came all the way here and you won’t even try”

She was visibly hurting…

I stayed Silent…

She got Angry and I stood there looking into her.

Her monolog begins ( like I knew it would) “I was sent here by someone who told me that you could help me. You don’t even care, these people hurt me and need to be punished! I need money! I have earned love! I give to everyone and no one gives to me… Church didn’t help! My family Made it worse! My so-called friends are Nowhere to be found! I have nothing and no one to turn to. I feel like dying

(her tone lowered) They deserve to feel what I am feeling. You won’t even help me! How are you ThGood Witch. You are Just like Everyone else!”

She stopped talking and looked at me trying to gauge my reaction.  I waited for about two minutes to respond as she gathered herself and wiped away her tears.

Then I told her my RULES…  ( without Correcting Anything She Said)

I Will Not Lull you back into your comfortable place.

I Will Not Support you in your Stagnancy or dwelling in your Pain.

I Will Not Help you Stay in  Toxic Relationships.

I Will Not Aide you in Self Destructive Behaviors 

I Will Not Help Anyone to Harm Others.

Do Not Ever Ask me to Hurt People 


…… I Will  Help You Turn Your Life into a Beautiful Vibrate Existence

I Will BE  Elated to Push You Into Your Most Abundant Life

I Will Provide a Path for you that Heals You and Your Loved ones….. And I Will Walk With you Through it!

I Will help you find a Real True Genuine LOVE that is Specifically for you… because that’s what you deserve.

I Will Help you transition your life from a Pay Check to Paycheck to a life of Freedom and Abundance

I Will  Make You See that There is so much greatness in you that you haven’t tapped into yet… Then I WILL HELP You Tap into it!

 You Have Blockages, Beliefs, Spirits, and Shadows That you  Keeping you from your purpose!

I Will Help you Get to Your Truest Point of Freedom where you are living your most abundant life.

I Will Help you forgive and teach you how to constantly be in a state of forgiveness.

I Will  Help You Become the Greatest Version of You!

You don’t have to even be ready to Start!

You Just have to Start I Will even Help you Get Ready!

She Started That day!

Now She owns a Chain of essential oil Companies!

She is Happily Married and expecting their second child!

She and Her Spouse Now Run a non-profit organization that helps women in 3rd world countries receive an education so that they can achieve a better life for themselves and their families!

She is healed and unbothered by her past pains… Because Her resent life is magical.

It has only been 2 and a half years since the day She Collapsed in my arms. 

We Stared her Program with a 3-year timeline. meeting different goals every month!

She is unrecognizable from her past self and she is in love with herself and her life.

 I want the same love for you.

I want you to experience a brand new level of Happiness Abundance and Freedom.

Join Now!

I am a Profound Freedom Coach,  Healer, Public Figure, Author, CEO, Mother, Daughter,  Teacher, and many more titles. My Global platforms have reached multitudes of people from all walks of life. Helping them to not only reach but redefine and surpass their personal, financial, and spiritual goals. Helping my clients and their families heal from generational traumas and discover their untapped potential. 

My Rules are simple but strongly enforced!

I am Excited for You! Welcome


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Verified User Reviews

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Very good0%
Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 9, 2022

Everything was Right on time that was told to me.. Believe in her ♥️♥️♥️

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 28, 2022

I came to Thgoodwitch after recognizing that I had blockages. I could no longer see clearly, my head and my space were unorganized, my relationships with friends and family were distant. I could no longer recognize the person that was looking back at me in the mirror. I desired to be more connected to friends and family and to have more clarity. I needed to do all these things including seeing clearly with my spiritual eye. I noticed that Thegoodwitch had a program entitled, Healing the Healer, and I just knew I was in the right place. I wanted to unlock my spiritual gifts and get deeper into who I was as a person. I’ve known deep inside that the gifts have been there since childhood but instead of tapping in, I conformed. The Healing the Healer program has been amazing. As a healer and empath you can’t fully heal and give to others unless you are healed. We give give give, and often don’t leave much for ourselves. Thgoodwitch has helped me with my life goals and taught me to be selfish. What, be selfish? I didn’t know being selfish was healthy. She has also helped me to connect me with my ancestors and answer the hard questions that no one could or wanted to answer. You truly can’t know where you’re going until you know where you came from. Have you ever wondered where your spiritual gifts come from? Were there ancestors with those same gifts? Have you wondered why you were brought here and in what capacity you were supposed to serve? Have you just wanted to be a better version of yourself? Thgoodwitch has the answers and has changed my life!

T. Nicole
Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 26, 2022

My reading with Thgood Witch was life changing. At 48 years old I didn’t know my life purpose and was financially frustrated. She pointed out what my life purpose is…no more wasting time and energy in things not for me. So if you don’t want to wast all the years like I did book a reading you will not regret it. Her gift is amazing, accurate, and she is a genuine kind soul.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 26, 2022

I highly recommend ThGoodwitch! She is very professional, but yet down to Earth. She helped me in so many ways especially when it came to clearing out and organizing my thoughts so that I can continue on my spiritual path. The advice that she shared started to manifest in my life immediately. It has been a true honor and blessing getting to know her as well as utilizing her services. Trust me you won’t be disappointed with the quality of services that you will receive. I have recommended clients to her and they have been highly satisfied. Book your appointment & tell her Lorna sent you!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 26, 2022

My reading with ThGood Witch was very good and eye-opening. She told me things that I needed to hear to grow and gave me things to do to help me grow in awareness. If you’ve been thinking about getting a reading for clarity or another reason, I encourage you to get one.

Grace S.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 25, 2022

The mentorship program has enhanced my life in ways I didn’t think it would. Not only has my perception changed there have been so many tangible measurable improvements in my financial life and my love life. I’m better equipped now to handle the areas and people in my family that need my help. I am going to work with her as long as she will have me, This has been the most life-improving experience ever.

Mrs. Boyd
Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 25, 2022